Amber Leaf Launches Signature Blend Organically Grown Tobacco

JTI is introducing Amber Leaf Signature Blend – a unique, Brazilian blend which contains organically grown tobacco leaf.


A European first for the roll your own (RYO) category, and a world first for JTI, Amber Leaf Signature Blend answers a demand from over 70% of existing adult smokers who declare an interest in organically grown tobacco.

Launching across all channels from 1st August 2014, Amber Leaf Signature Blend will be available in two pack formats, a 10g 3 in 1 crush proof box including papers and filters, as well as a 20g pouch with papers.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI’s head of communications, said: “Amber Leaf Signature Blend is a unique proposition in an RYO market that continues to perform strongly. Allowing retailers to respond to the growing market for hand-rolling tobacco, its addition to the house will enhance the range and strengthen the brand. Furthermore, retailers stocking Signature Blend will benefit from an impressive 13% POR.

“Amber Leaf has three of the top 5 selling SKUs within the RYO category, so retailers should make sure their tobacco gantry is stocked with the full range to ensure they maximise profits.”

Both 10g and 20g variants will be available in price marked packs, at £3.65 and £6.99 respectively.